Birch House Candles

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Birch House Candles is a small-batch soy candle company based in Short Hills, NJ.

They are dedicated to hand-pouring beautiful soy candles with premium fragrances that are environmentally safe. Inspired by simple and natural beauty as well as an obsession with candles, Emily Gunselman, Owner and Candle Maker, set out to make a luxury candle that is accessible, handmade and 100% sourced in the USA. After hours of burn testing, wick selection and perfecting fragrances, Emily is proud to offer her soy candles for all to enjoy.

"I feel candles should be an experience, from the way it looks, its packaging, to the way it burns and fills the room. Candles are a simple luxury everyone can enjoy!"

Each Candle is made entirely by hand. Birch House Candles uses renewable U.S. grown soy wax, which burns longer and cleaner, eco-friendly and non-toxic cotton wicks and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils. No color dyes are added, which allows the feature to be pure cream soy wax. A minimal label and simple logo allow the beauty of the candle to shine through. 

We asked Emily a few questions about her experience as a small business owner so far.

What’s been your biggest obstacle so far?

I would say having to wear all the hats in my business. I do the pouring, the marketing, invoicing, sales... you name it! Realizing I need to hire and can’t do it all has been eye opening!   

What has been the most successful sales channel so far (events, online, fundraisers, etc.)? 

I love partnering with local entrepreneurs and/or local businesses. Ladies night events are great too! 

What has been one helpful resource to you as you’ve grown your business? 

My group of biz besties! We all just get it!! We listen to each other and offer support to each other’s businesses.  

What’s one thing you’d like to tell other makers just getting started with their own projects?

Take the leap, and don’t wait for everything to be perfect!  




You can learn more about Birch House Candles by checking out Emily's website by clicking here.

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